CCSNO: Chinese Name:
English Name: Signal Letter:
Imono: Former Names:
Flag State: Port of Register:
Owners: Operators:
Type of Ship and Purposes: Next Special Survey:
Gross Tonage: Net Tonage:
Dead weight: Length Overall (LOA):
Length B. P. (LBP): Moulded B (BM):
Moulded D (DM): Freeboard:
Draught: Speed:
Hull Character: Hull Notation:
Machinery Character: Machinery Notation:
Deck Erections: Decks:
Bulkheads: Ballast::
Ship Builder: Place of Ship Build:
Date of Ship Build: Date of build for major portion related to major conversion:
Details of major conversion: Engine Builder:
Boiler Builder: Date of Engine Build:
Date of Boiler Build: Type of Number of Main Engine:
Cylinders,Diameter,Stroke,Power &Revolution of Main Engine: Generator,Power &Voltage:
Boilers,Pressure,Heating Area: Containes &specifications:
Cargo Spaces: Volume of Cargo Space:
Hatch & Scantling: Type,Number & Safe Loading of Cargo Handling Gear:
Volume of Each Cargo Space: