CCSNO: 10U0206 Chinese Name: 瑞宁7
English Name: RUI NING 7 Signal Letter: BFAH7
Imono: 9538335 Former Names:
Flag State: China Port of Register: Tianjin
Owners: ICBC Financial Leasing Co.,Ltd. Operators: Tianjin Cosbulk Ship Management Co.,Ltd.
Type of Ship and Purposes: Bulk Carrier, Double Side Skin Next Special Survey: 2020-08-15
Gross Tonage: 32460 Net Tonage: 17889
Dead weight: 53478.0 Length Overall (LOA): 190.0
Length B. P. (LBP): 183.05 Moulded B (BM): 32.26
Moulded D (DM): 17.5 Freeboard: 4986
Draught: 11.1 Speed: 14.2
Hull Character: ★CSA Hull Notation: BC-A(Holds Nos.2&4 may be Empty,or Holds Nos.3 may be empty Max. Cargo Density (1.35 t/m3) ); Strengthened for Heavy Cargoes; COMPASS (D,F); Grab(20); Loading Computer (S, I, G); ESP; BWMP(MEPC.127(53))
Machinery Character: ★CSM Machinery Notation: AUT-0; CMS; SCM
Deck Erections: Deckhouse:13.20 Forecastle:15.20 Decks: 1/Upper Deck
Bulkheads: 7/Fr.2,Fr.34,Fr.72,Fr.108,Fr.144,Fr.180,Fr.219 Ballast:: 31480
Ship Builder: Chengxi Shipyard Co.,Ltd. Place of Ship Build: China
Date of Ship Build: 2010-08-16 Date of build for major portion related to major conversion:
Details of major conversion: Engine Builder: Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd
Boiler Builder: Saacke Qingdao Marine Boiler Co., Ltd. Date of Engine Build: 2010-04-28
Date of Boiler Build: 2010-04-02 Type of Number of Main Engine: MAN B&W 6S50MCC* 1
Cylinders,Diameter,Stroke,Power &Revolution of Main Engine: 6*500*2000*9480*127 Generator,Power &Voltage: 1FC2 563-3SB83*3*680*450
Boilers,Pressure,Heating Area: 1*0.90*21.8(Oil s Containes &specifications:
Cargo Spaces: 5 Volume of Cargo Space: 65752.00M3
Hatch & Scantling: 1* 19.2x22.4 ; 4* 21.6x22.4 Type,Number & Safe Loading of Cargo Handling Gear: Crane,4,36;Crane,1,3;E/R Overhead Crane,1,4
Volume of Each Cargo Space: No.1 Cargo hold*(G12437.90);
No.2 Cargo hold*(G13347.00);
No.3 Cargo hold*(G13348.70);
No.4 Cargo hold*(G13346.90);
No.5 Cargo hold*(G13271.50);